Hello Carin, goodbye leaks!

One in three women will experience urinary incontinence at some point in their lifetime. Fortunately, urine leakage caused by stress incontinence is often easily overcome by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Carin’s wearable pelvic floor training program will guide you through the process and help you eliminate urine leaks forever.

Carin’s three-part combination of smart textiles, Bluetooth sensor, and a tailored exercise program provides the key.  Carin’s smart underwear absorbs as much as standard disposables without the bulk, mess or waste and helps you to pursue and track your progress while staying comfortable, dry, and active.

For distributors and other partners we offer a special distributor package you can order in our webshop.

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“While you are wearing these amazing underwear you never have to worry about those little accidents you hoped were faded kindergarden memories”.

Wearable Technologies, Rory Williamson

“Carin is unlike any other pelvic floor tool on the market: First? It’s totally non-invasive, meaning you don’t insert it into your body. It’s very small, comfortable, and completely discreet”

Pregnancy Magazine, Emme Lukasik

“One of the rising stars of wearable technologies, moving up the ladder to life-sustaining wearables suited to medically-approved treatment and wellness”.


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