The smart wearable pelvic floor exerciser

The first painless method for pelvic floor training

About 1 in 4 women have urine leaks during sports or while sneezing, laughing and jumping. Carin is a perfect fit to achieve pelvic floor strength in any busy lifestyle.

Carin is unlike any other kegel exerciser: There is nothing to insert! Painless and non-invasive, the smart underwear is designed for ultimate comfort. Carin’s smart underwear checks and protects. With Carin you be free of leaks in a few weeks!

For distributors and other partners we offer a special distributor package you can order in our webshop.

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“While you are wearing these amazing underwear you never have to worry about those little accidents you hoped were faded kindergarden memories”.

Wearable Technologies, Rory Williamson

“Carin is unlike any other pelvic floor tool on the market: First? It’s totally non-invasive, meaning you don’t insert it into your body. It’s very small, comfortable, and completely discreet”

Pregnancy Magazine, Emme Lukasik

“One of the rising stars of wearable technologies, moving up the ladder to life-sustaining wearables suited to medically-approved treatment and wellness”.


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