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Fit mom metamorphosis: Becoming what you eat

Many of you would love to live a more healthy life. To get there we all have to start our journey somewhere at some point. In this blog I tell you more about my journey towards a healthy lifestyle: “You are what you eat”. Here is Natasja’s metamorphosis in becoming a fit mom. 

Back in my teenage years, my body weight and looks were never a problem. I was a skinny girl, size 34. I could eat and drink whatever I wanted, exercised with joy and I wouldn’t gain weight. But as I became an woman my body began to change. I was living the good life and stopped exercising. Then I gained weight (age: 22; length: 1.63 m; weight: 74 kg; size: 42).

Fitting in my wedding dress.

2005: my partner proposed to me. I was excited and happy to say “Yes!”. The search for a wedding dress was on! Reality hit me: I was overweight. But no need to worry, I could do something about that, right? To lose weight to get in my wedding dress I started an extreme diet with shakes. In 6 weeks I’d lost 14 kg!

Was it healthy? I don’t think so, but I was pleased to have reached “my goal”. The wedding was great and two weeks later we found out I was pregnant. We were intensely happy and nine months later our beautiful daughter was born.

Pregnancy weight?

After getting off that “pink cloud” reality hit me again: I realized I gained a few kg and was overweight: AGAIN! Well I could get that weight off in no time, because it was “pregnancy weight” right? WRONG! Pregnancy weight? Yeah right. I just ate too much! I started the diet with shakes again, but it wasn’t working this time.

Natasja before losing weight

Natasja before losing weight

Why wasn’t the diet working this time? I was at a very unhappy place at that time. I really wanted to lose weight and become healthy. I knew exercise was the answer. Still, even knowing the answer it took me two years before I actually went to the gym!

As I wrote in my previous blog post, I then started with one hour exercise a week and made progression one small step at a time. To my surprise I still didn’t drop enough weight. After two years of hard work (3-5 hours a week at the gym) I still had not reached my goals of reducing my BMI. What was going wrong?

You are what you eat!

I started to ask around and found the answer: food! I needed to change my eating pattern. That came as a surprise to me, because I thought I was eating healthy already. I was exercising; I ate three meals a day. So what went wrong?

Well, it was not about how much I ate, it was what I ate. I needed to change what I ate: sounds easy, but I was struggling, because I was a food addict. Did I want an extreme diet? No I did not. I was exercising so I looked for something that fitted my lifestyle and goal.

I found something called “sport fasting” together with a professional (don’t do this on your own). In short: change your metabolism to let your body burn fat instead of sugar. This was hell for me, but it worked! With the help of my coach I lost weight and kept losing weight afterwards.

But losing that weight finally wasn’t the most important thing: I had also learned what I ate and why I ate it to change my eating pattern! This changed my life and lead me to a healthier lifestyle and how I feel and look today.

Conclusion: How and what you eat is also a part of lose weight and a healthy lifestyle. There is a saying: “You are what you eat”. I really love food and changing my eating pattern was one of the hardest things I ever did, but I still benefit from it. I know it’s not easy but remember: If I can do it, so can you!

Be happy, be you, be inspired! Have no excuses.

Signing off,

Natasja, Fit Mom.

Next time Natasja will write about the ‘planking challenge’ and how to stabilize your (inner) core! 

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Natasja Beks-Kartodimedjo (35) is living with her husband and lovely daughter in Eindhoven. Besides being a mom and wife she is a full-time owner of a successful business, fitness instructor and outdoor trainer.

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