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How it feels to wear a sensor in my underwear

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Kirsten van der Kolk who is an Olympic Gold rowing champion, is getting prepared to wear Carin sensor for the first time. How do athletes experience Carin? Read more below.

This blog will be about my first experience with Carin. I downloaded the app and installed it on my Android phone. It’s play time!
It is a sunny relaxing Sunday morning: the ideal moment to check out Carin. I take the sensor from the package and charge it. Whilst eating a croissant with a fresh orange juice, I open the app on my phone. I first want to get an understanding of how the app works. Before I can start doing the exercises, I have to sync the sensor with the app.

It feels like a big deal to wear a sensor in my underwear! It’s small, only the size of a two euro coin, but also inflexible. I wonder if the sensor is felt while wearing it. After I finish breakfast, I decide to go for a walk while wearing the sensor and test how it feels.

How it feels 

It really is a beautiful day: One of these great days in May to do a walk along the beach. While walking, my mind gets distracted. My attention flows to the repeating waves rolling on the sandy coast, the sound of seagulls looking for food and picking up shells from the sand. I stop thinking about the sensor in my underwear.

After walking for a while, I decide to drink a coffee in a beach cafe. While I am taking sips of my cup of coffee, I notice that I didn’t have any accidents. I open the app and it is confirmed.

But May isn’t summer to spend long days on the beach. I decide to go home to do the exercises. The seven minute high intensity training that I usually do, I simply ignore for today. Instead I start the Carin Exercise app. I open the app and see that the sensor is still synchronized with my phone.

Doing the exercises

One by one I go through the exercises of the app. I have to get used to pay attention to the instructions whilst at the same time keeping an eye to the screen. This is not easy. Especially during the exercise with the inflatable ball, I have troubles preventing it from rolling away. On the screen the ball remains perfectly still while she gets up and down. But my ball keeps moving away from me.

But I tell you, once you are in the flow, the exercises are quite relaxing and easy going; It’s a moment for myself. I find out these exercises can really be done anywhere and anytime, even at work. Deep down already knowing that, but the exercises remind me to really start doing them.

An athlete’s opinion

You might wonder already, what is my inner athlete thinking about this? As former Olympic champion I also want to get tired! The Carin exercises do not make me tired, but they can easily be combined with my training routine. I am excited to start the new cycle in two weeks!

Kirsten will be doing the exercises in the coming 2 weeks. Soon after that, she updates us on her progress. We keep you posted! Want to know more? Send her message via 

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Kirsten van der Kolk is a power woman, mother of two sweet daughters, Olympic coach and former Olympic Gold rowing champion. She currently exercises her pelvic floor muscles with Carin. Each month she updates us about her progress.

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