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Harness the Power of the Pelvic Floor

Harnessing the power of the pelvic floor is easier than you expect. Do you ever have one of those “uh oh” moments, when you wish you could just crawl under a rock and hide?  Sometimes an unexpected sneeze can do it, a longer than anticipated car ride, or maybe a hilarious comment you didn’t see coming? You can feel your abdomen clutch as something inside you releases.  Your instinct tells…

How to be a fitter and healthier mom

First of all, thank you for reading my previous blog  ‘Four golden rules for fit moms’ and for the positive responses! I am excited to announce to blog for Carin on regular basis (oh yeah!)! So THANK YOU! This blog post will be about getting back in shape after pregnancy and how this inspired me to work out the way I do now.

Some truths about the pelvic floor: Kirsten asks an expert

Many of us who have gone through pregnancy and child birth recognize the term ‘pelvic floor muscles’. During and after pregnancy we are advised to do pelvic floor training. Still many women after pregnancy experience issues with the pelvic floor. Trust me, I speak from experience.  Starting a conversation There is a lack of conversations about this area.