Congratulations with purchasing Carin! On this page you find the information needed to help you get started. Read more also on how to interpret the data and to understand progress in your training. If you have questions or technical difficulties, our customer support team will do all her best to help you personally. Send us a message

*Download the Carin Quick Start guide here

 Getting started

This is what you get when you ordered a Carin set.

From left to right:

  1. Pod + Carin Measure wearable sensor
  2. Carin Protect underwear
  3. Carin Pelvic Floor Trainer (available for Android and iOS)

How to start a new cycle

This is what we advise you to do the day before starting a new cycle:

  1. Wash the underwear at maximum of 30 degrees (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Please don’t wash the underwear on higher temperatures because we can’t guarantee the performance of textile integrated sensor in the underwear above 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit).
  2. Download and install the Carin app (App Store or Google play). Use the term Carin Pelvic Floor Trainer to find the app
  3. Find an easy + comfortable location to place your pod for storage of the wearable. You can connect it by snapping + placing in the pod as seen below.

    Always connect the two upper snaps of the sensor to the upper snaps of the pod.

Weekly Routine: Starting a weekly measuring routine.

In the first 24 hours of a week you wear the sensor to get an overview of the leakages. Simultaneously the app keeps track of the activities that trigger urine loss. You can also keep a drink log to understand your liquid intake. You find this overview under the ‘measure’ section. Scroll the menu to go through the days.

Below we give you a step-by-step instructions to get started with the measuring days. Make sure to follow the below steps in the correct order:

  1. Take the sensor from the pod. A green light blinks three times when taken from the pod. This means it’s ready to use.
  2. Snap the sensor in the underwear. For it to properly work, make sure to snap it in the correct way.

    The two snaps facing upwards in the underwear’s pocket

  3. Open the ‘Carin Pelvic Floor Trainer‘ app on your phone.
  4. Make sure Bluetooth is on: Your phone or tablet now automatically connects with the sensor (this is the sync part). By checking your Bluetooth connection the sensor should be there in your Bluetooth list. The name always starts with ‘LSG 1’. If you see it there, you can be sure it’s synchronized.

You can start the training! Don’t forget to unsnap the sensor and remove when changing the underwear.

Daily Routine: After 24 hours until the end of the week

This period is dedicated to pelvic floor exercises in the Carin Exercise programme.

  1. Store the sensor away and place in the pod.
  2. For best results, we advise you to do the exercises on a daily basis.
  3. You receive a reminder every day to remind you of the exercises.
  4. You can play the videos on the app with a good WiFi connection.
  5. Make sure to have enough free space available on your mobile device for the app.

How to understand the data in the measure section

The Carin Exercise app is an exercise programme and activity tracker in one. It remembers the data and gives you an overview of your progress. How to understand this data?

We have included three different features in ‘measure’ that help you understand the progress you are making:

1) Liquid intake (light purple drinks icon)
2) Leakages (blue droplet icon)
3) Activity (dark purple heart rate icon).

In the example below we explain the icons individually and explain the data.

  1. Drinks: In the main menu ‘add drinks’ you can keep a liquid intake diary. Choose between Coffee, (Non-) Carbonated, Tea, Alcohol and Water in milliliters. Carin advises you on the basis of your input.
  2. Droplet: The sensor sends the data about leakages to the app when you wear it in the first 72 hours of a cycle. The darker blue color signals a ‘trickle’ and light blue are little ‘droplets’ (measuring from tiny drops of 1 ml). The sensor doesn’t measure sweat.
  3. Activity tracker: The moment the sensor signals a leakage it will give information about the activity intensity of that moment.

In this example on the left we see that both high intensive activities (12 PM) as low intensity movements (4 PM) trigger urine loss. Perhaps sneezing is a major trigger for urine loss while lifting your child did not. How it can help you? This graphic helps you to determine what part of your exercise you should pay particular attention to in order to  improve the coordination of the muscles and eventually improve bladder control.

How to view your progress

 In the start of the Carin Exercise programme you become more aware of your pelvic floor muscles. Slowly you build up more strength and work on improving your muscle’s timing and coordination. After a couple of weeks you start to notice progress in bladder control.

Carin calculates for you the progress you are making. Going through the weeks Carin measures on the basis of the leakages and shows you the progress compared to the previous week. This certainly keeps you motivated and makes you proud of yourself!


In the example on the left, we see that in cycle 3 there is progress of 71% compared to the previous cycle. In cycle 4 there is 100% improvement. The Carin user now knows exactly when and how to coordinate the muscles at critical moments! She is aware of her muscles and consciously coordinates the muscles when needed. Now she can decide to continue with the programme. In cycle 5-7 the focus of the programme will be more on strengthening the muscles. This will make her stronger!


Other settings

On the right upper side of the app, you see a miniature icon in the sensor’s shape. This button leads you to settings.

  1. Notifications settings: Indicate here what type of notifications you want to receive from Carin.
  2. Export data: Here you can export and send the data of your sensor to yourself or somebody else.
  3. Restart previous cycle: Use this setting when you want to restart the previous cycle. When you’re on holidays or menstruate you can turn back to the previous cycle.





We wish you all the best bladder control in the world!

Last edited: 15th of February 2017.

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