Smartest moms in balance sign new partnership

Mom in balance As for today it is a fact: the smartest moms live in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). These super fit moms of Mom in Balance outdoor sports programme, exercise in the park throughout all seasons. They can now opt as part of their training for pelvic floor exercise via the wearable sensor and app of Carin.
Mom in Balance is an important partner for us in creating awareness about bladder health. Via Mom in Balance, the participants get a special offer to purchase Carin.¬†According to Anke Derks (Mom in Balance, Eindhoven & Weert) the importance of exercising the pelvic floor as part of your training is overlooked: “We regularly send our participants to registered therapists in the local area. Their clinics are already full of new clients.”

She thinks the Carin wearable sensor and app are a solution for many women: “It’s important to exercise the pelvic floor muscles on a daily basis. Carin supports and motivates women to exercise this muscle group. And it’s a great addition to the outdoor training of Mom in Balance”.

Mom in Balance and Carin together want to empower women and are planning to organize a local event in soon. For the moms in balance, a special discount is offered for purchasing Carin. Mom in Balance offers support to the marketing and distribution of Carin. We keep you posted about this exciting partnership!

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