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Our mission: “Empowering women everyday”

You once loved to wear tight jeans, join running events or aerobic classes. You didn’t mind  standing in a downward facing dog pose during yoga class. But now you are worried about getting in a traffic jam without a restroom anywhere nearby. On top of that, you have to wear pads in your underwear , ‘just in case’. Coughing, sneezing and laughing are movements that cause bladder leakages.

One in three women who have given birth experience daily leakage. Weakened pelvic floor muscles prevent optimal bladder control. The causes? Research shows pregnancy and stress are major causes for incontinence in young women, though every woman is unique.

Better bladder control

Women can improve their bladder health by doing daily exercise of the pelvic floor muscles. If done correctly and on a regular basis, this method can reduce urine loss for up to 70% of women. So why not get a bit of help on this? We have spoken to hundreds of women who experience daily leakage. With their guidance, we have created Carin.

Feel confident in your body

Carin is meant to make women feel confident in their bodies. With Carin, women can work on their pelvic health in the privacy of their homes with minimal intervention in daily life. With Carin, women exercise the pelvic floor muscles and track progress with the wearable sensor which was designed based on the feedback we received from real women testing it. Their opinions guided developments such as the size and shape of the sensor unit as well as the location for wearing it. We have created something so small that you forget you are wearing it.

Unique combination of Wearable Technology and Smart Fabrics

Carin is the first product available that combines medical sensor technology with smart fabrics. Form follows function. This means that Carin is a non-invasive method of pelvic floor training.  The sensor is worn on the body within a secret pocket of the special protective underwear. Women do not have to insert anything into their intimate body parts. The sensor is CE certified and safe to use.

What is Carin?

Carin is the first product created by LifeSense Group. We have created a tool-kit for women who want to be helped with their pelvic floor muscle training. This consists of three elements:

Carin Measure is a wearable sensor that lets you know what activities cause leakage and tracks your progress. Carin Exercise is a pelvic floor training app that guides you with core exercises, keeps you motivated, and gives feedback on your progress. Carin Protect is a beautiful protective underwear that keeps you dry. No more pads!

List of advantages

  1. Carin can easily be integrated into daily life. It takes around 10 minutes per day to do the exercises.
  2. With Carin, women can train their pelvic floor muscles within the privacy of the home.
  3. Carin is easily integrated in or used beside other exercise routines.
  4. Women can decide their own pace and frequency for doing the pelvic floor muscle training.
  5. The protective underwear is made to give women confidence.
  6. The washable underwear is much easier on the environment when compared to disposable pads.

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