Carin Exercise - Pelvic floor exercise training

Carin: Where design meets tech

Carin was presented in the press. This time by the Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep Brabant and High Tech Campus as the example where ‘design meets tech’.

Carin is an example of a wearable technology solution for a common women’s health problem. Wearing Carin means women with urine loss feel more confident in their bodies: “The technology supports women with urine loss to work on their health. The design gives women the power to feel confident and feminine”

The design of the underwear itself makes the use of pads no longer necessary. The washable textile of the underwear is absorbing and dries quickly. This offers the best comfort possible for women with involuntary urine loss.

The smart protective underwear has a ‘secret’ pocket for the sensor. The sensor is wirelessly connected by Bluetooth with the app. On the basis of the information measured, Carin offers specific exercises dedicated to better bladder control. The underwear is available in different styles and can be ordered in addition to the wearables set.

Carin is a new product created by the start-up LifeSense Group. Carin is a combination of wearables for women with urine loss. Wearable technology enables women to work on their problem whilst the beautiful underwear makes women feel protected and feminine.

Watch the video here