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Personal pelvic floor exercise

Get quick results with our programme and recover within 4-6 weeks. The only thing you have to do is to spend 10 minutes per day with Carin. By watching our coaches demonstrate the pelvic floor exercises on your mobile phone or tablet, you can exercise your muscles anytime and everywhere.

The exercises are easily accessible, fun and short with a special focus on the integration of pelvic floor training in daily life. Carin Exercise follows 3 basic principles of pelvic floor training:

  1. Feel your pelvic floor muscles
  2. Coordinate your pelvic floor muscles in daily life
  3. Strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles

Cycle 1 and 2: Feel you pelvic floor
In the first two cycles of in total four weeks, you learn more about your pelvic floor. The exercises focus on learning how to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Meanwhile you begin to learn the basics of breathing and a right posture. With a focus on daily life, the exercises help you to eliminate leakages during daily activities. For the exercises you need a yoga mat or towel. We advise you to purchase an exercise or gym ball before starting the programme.

Cycle 3 and 4: Coordinate your pelvic floor muscles
In cycle 3 and 4, you learn to coordinate your muscles and start working on muscle endurance. The exercises are a refreshing mix between core fitness training and pelvic floor exercises. We help you become an expert in breathing and keeping a strong posture. We aim at maintaining perfect coordination of the muscles during challenging exercises. Create your own mix with exercises you like doing and feel your body getting stronger by the day!

Cycle 5 to 7: Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
In the last part of the training you bring to the next level all the skills you have learned so far. In the last cycle we really train muscle endurance while maintaining good breathing and core stability. These exercises are challenging and exciting. Never mind to challenge yourself even more with the training levels aiming at superb core and pelvic floor strength.

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