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Our pledge for International Women’s Day

Empowering women to lead active lives after pregnancy
For 1 in 3 women after pregnancy, the running shoes remain in the closet. Plans to exercise are put on hold. This is a pity because pelvic floor training helps women to get in shape and back into their sport routine. Our pledge for International Women’s Day is to empower women and live active, satisfying lives after pregnancy.

A partnership 
Together with our partner Ladiesrun in The Netherlands, a popular running event for women, we help women to get these healthy pelvic floor muscles again to join running events. But this is easier said than done. And sometimes you need a little help from your friends. We know working out together is not only motivating but also to gives that extra push when needed. The Ladiesrun is this special occasion where you can train and run together with other ladies.

Kirsten van der Kolk, Olympic Champion in rowing and also contributor to this blog knows from experience:“Speaking from the experience of my athletic career, I know that working out together with friends is motivating. It pushes you and reminds you to exercise when you have a buddy appointment. Shared complaining feels less daunting then going through it by yourself. Nothing is as satisfying as a sweating friend working out with you. Working out together was much more fun”

Kirsten van der Kolk decided to train her pelvic floor muscles to use her running shoes again. You can follow her journey on this blog.-> Tomorrow we publish a guest blog written by Natasja Beks, fitness instructor and outdoor trainer @ Mom in Balance. 

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