I tried out Carin Pelvic Floor Training Myself

On my holidays I tried Carin myself: The personal trainer for your pelvic floor. Just add a dose of will power and you will get results!

By Natasja Beks, Carin Health Ambassador, outdoor fitness trainer for Mom in Balance Eindhoven & CEO of Efficere

My plan was to try out Carin before going on holiday. The week before my departure I paid a visit at Carin HQ and received a nice package with the protective underwear, the sensor and a manual. When I unpacked the package my first impression was good. Very nice lace underwear, a good short manual and of course, the small sensor.

The Carin package: de personal trainer voor jouw bekkenbodem

What exactly is Carin?

In short: whenever you leak urine the sensor will register that and keep track of it during seven cycles of exercises, and you will be notified to do your exercises for your pelvic muscles. The exercises are easily explained to you through video’s, which is a big plus of Carin. During my summer break I studied the exercises and will evaluate them in this blog as a regular user.

Carin Exercise app: de personal trainer voor jouw bekkenbodem

Carin Exercise app

The exercise cycles 1 to 3

These first cycles are mostly about “discovering” your pelvic muscles and good body positioning.
While watching the videos of these cycles, the focus is on how to feel the pelvic muscles and some anatomical information about the location of the muscles. I consider this a big advantage, because most of the women do not know how to feel the pelvic muscles.

A gymbal is used for most of the exercises, which is not included in the package. You have to buy the ball yourself. The exercises are very well explained. After these cycles you know where to feel your pelvic muscles, which is good start for your next cycles.

To give you a feeling I like to share exercise 2 from the Carin Exercise app:

The exercise cycles 4 to 7

These last cycles are mostly about enhancing your positioning and endurance. The intensity is increased in these cycles. Oh my! From cycle 4 onward you are really feeling the exercises in your body. Not only in your pelvic muscles, but also your core will get stronger, your back and abdominal! It really surprised me, because I thought Carin would use only “simple” exercises, but these are quite tough, especially in the last weeks of the programme. Note that a gym ball or chair is used. Also worth mentioning: no sit-ups! (Read here my blog on why ‘no more situps’!)

Conclusion of using Carin 

First of all, Carin is easy to use and the underwear fits really perfect! You don’t feel the sensor at all while wearing it! During my user experience of Carin I am convinced that the exercises will help strengthen your pelvic muscles and core. But let me make a note that you will need to have the self discipline to do these exercises on a daily basis. Really take your time to do the exercises (5 to 10 minutes per day).

My conclusion? Carin is a personal trainer for strengthening the pelvic muscles, but it is you who is in charge: The more you exercise, the faster you get the best results!

Be happy, be you, be inspired! Have no excuses.

Signing off,
Natasja, Fit Mom.

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Natasja Beks-Kartodimedjo (35) is living with her husband and lovely daughter in Eindhoven. Besides being a mom and wife she is a full-time owner of a successful business, fitness instructor and outdoor trainer.

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