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It is our mission to educate women about a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good is not only about exercise and food. Being healthy is about living experience and storytelling. That is why we have strong women on board who embody our vision of empowering women in their daily lives. On our blog they share experiences, personal stories and crucial knowledge about women’s health.

In the spotlight: New Carin ambassador

Maeve Whelan

Maeve Whelan physiotherapist and founder of Milltown Physiotherapy in Dublin (Ireland)

Maeve Whelan – Physiotherapist and founder of Milltown Physiotherapy , mom of two boys. Maeve lives and works in Dublin, Ireland

Maeve Whelan qualified in 1986 from Trinity College Dublin and worked for 3 years before setting up in private practice Milltown Physiotherapy in 1993. She has a post graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and a Masters of Science. Maeve works with Men’s and Women’s Health treating bladder and bowel conditions, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. She was awarded the title Specialist Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists in 2008 and again in 2013 in the area of Women’s Health & Continence.

Her special interest is manual therapy of the pelvic floor. Maeve presents at conferences and teaches post graduate Women’s Health physiotherapists, courses are run in Ireland and abroad. Maeve is mother to two boys, is an enthusiastic golfer representing the club from time to time, loves skiing and keeps up those 5K runs for fitness – if only there was more time …

Kirsten van der KolkOlympic champion, Mom and coach of the Dutch Olympic rowing team

Kirsten van der Kolk

“But I tell you, once you are in the flow, the exercises are quite relaxing and easy going; It’s a moment for myself. I find out these exercises can really be done anywhere and anytime, even at work. Deep down already knowing that, but the exercises remind me to really start training my pelvic floor muscles”

Carmen van ZantenNaturopath & Midwife

Carmen van Zanten midwife and naturopath

Carmen lives in London and is a practising naturopath and midwife in a busy London hospital.


“Last but certainly not least; do your pelvic floor exercises! Think of your pelvic floor muscles as a trampoline that have been stretched and stretched throughout your pregnancy- it’s time to help them spring back to life! And by doing the exercises each time you feed your baby, you’re more likely to remember too. On a final note, always remember there is no perfect way to be a mother, but a million ways to be a great one!”


Natasja Beks – Mom, Entrepreneur and outdoor fitness trainer for Mom in Balance

Natasja Beks fit mother and business woman

Natasja Beks fit and healthy mom


“Your core-stability is so much more important than you know. It helps you with things you do on daily basis (sitting, standing, lifting kids), but also gives you the best results. Lots of women are having trouble holding their urine during running, sneezing or coughing. This has everything to do with the pelvic muscle. It is a muscle that you can train with simple exercises.”