Meet Carin @Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco (July 12-13)

WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA, San Francisco, July 12-13, Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion

Wearable technologies

Wearable technologies

LifeSense Group’s USA Business Director will demonstrate the first Carin wearables product at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 in San Francisco (July 13, demo stage 2:35PM). According to Valer Pop (CEO LifeSense Group) there was no hesitation in the team to exhibit and join the Wearable Technologies events: “Wearable Technologies has been very supportive and helped us creating buzz around our recently successfully closed Kickstarter campaign. We are looking forward to demonstrate Carin live on stage to the public attending the conference”.

Carin empowers women throughout womanhood to work on their health. Our brand offers wearables that are tailored to women’s needs in different life phases: feminine care for menstruation, a healthy sex life, become balanced after pregnancy and stay fit during menopause. Our mission is to revolutionize the global female health and hygiene market with new and innovative products.

This year LifeSense Group launched the first Carin wearables product on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It became a ‘project we love’ and was successfully funded. Our company’s revenue increased with 1000% in one year time. In July we signed the franchise agreement to expand business to the Asian market. In the end of 2016, Carin will be launched in Asia. To make our mission possible, LifeSense Group is looking for 5 million investment. Potential investors can contact Dr. Valer Pop (CEO, LifeSense Group) on +31 (0)6 319 265 05.

During the event visitors are much welcome to meet the team and see the product at LifeSense Group’s booth 506 in the health area

For press and communications please contact Eline van Uden: or call +31 (0)6 42680994.
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About Carin

Our lives don’t follow stable lines of progress: We are reborn every month. Our biology requires a different way of perceiving the world. This means we need different products to assist us throughout every phase in life. Carin is women’s health brand enabling the potential of every woman to become who she really is.

With Carin we are empowering women to live healthy and active lives in which understanding our biology is crucial:

  • Feminine care for menstruation cycle: Feel protected during these days of the month when you really need some extra comfort. Our reusable eco-friendly absorbing underwear protects you on lighter days without having to wear additional feminine care products. On heavier days you can either change -like you do with pads-, or use cotton tampons. Do you know that in a lifetime, we use about 11.000 pads? We care for your and the planet’s health.
  • Become balanced in daily life: Becoming a mother and raising children requires energy and investment. In all the hassle of everyday, you tend to prioritize others over yourself. You know your health is important because taking care of yourself in the first place enables you to care for others. We don’t ask you to shift priorities. Instead Carin helps you getting fit and recover quickly during the scarcely free moments you can spend time on yourself. With the app you can do your training anywhere and anytime!
  • Healthy sex life: We are sexual beings and sex gives us joy in life. It is true that inner strength can give you benefits of better sex. We developed a pelvic floor-training app that improves your core strength. Squeeze your muscles for stronger orgasms!
  • Stay fit during and after menopause: The kids moved out and it might feel you have oceans of free time ahead. Your body is changing and maturing. Although your spirit stays young, you realize that it requires more work to stay fit. We become wiser with age. Listen to your body and those core muscles that ask for more maintenance whilst time is evolving. Avoid those little leaks. Age wisely.

About LifeSense Group

LifeSense Group is founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the renowned R&D institute Holst Center/imec in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The ambition of LifeSense Group is to connect women around the globe with wearable technology. Our team continuously works to understand the situation of women and create solutions to help them improve their health.

Dr. Valer Pop, CEO LifeSense Group
Mobile: +31 (0)6 319 265 05
Address:  High Tech Campus 12, 5656 AE Eindhoven (The Netherlands). /

About LifeSense Group Japan

LifeSense Group Japan is founded in January 2016 in Tokyo, Japan and is an independent entity.

Mr. Mitsugu Yoneyama
Mobile: + +81-42-512-5903
Address: Angelique M, 1-11-9, Nishiki-cyo, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, Japan

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