LifeSense Group’s femtech revolution ‘Carin’ receives $3 million boost

LifeSense Group’s femtech revolution ‘Carin’ receives $3 million boost

Empowering women all over the globe to take control of their own health

September 18th, 2017
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A recent investment of $3 million dollar further increases LifeSense Group’s impact in the market of women’s health technology. This latest sum, received from an established Danish entrepreneur, brings the company’s investment total to $5 million dollar since their idea was born in 2012. “Over the past few months, we have had several investment offers but this investor provides the perfect match for our company.” said Dr. Valer Pop, Founder and CEO of LifeSense Group. “He will support to scale and professionalize LifeSense Group, a key element in the company’s growth phase.”

The Dutch company, LifeSense Group, is the maker of the women’s pelvic healthcare product, Carin ( This revolutionary product empowers women to combat bladder control issues especially common after childbirth, during menopause and throughout the aging process.  Together with an exercise app, this smart underwear can track and monitor the reduction of urine loss resulting from the practice of pelvic floor exercises.

Setting Carin apart from other products in this category is its painless, non-invasive method to educate and motivate women to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. “Every woman knows that pelvic floor exercise is the best treatment for this problem. However the biggest challenge we see is that women find it difficult to make a habit out of it. After the user tests we have done in the past year, we found out that most of the women see major improvements after only 2 to 3 weeks training with Carin. This is the best reward for the hard work and time spent on developing this product,” says Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder of LifeSense Group.

Femtech revolution CarinWear receives $3 million dollar boost

Femtech revolution Carin receives $3 million dollar boost

Keep an eye on Carin

LifeSense Group is excited to launch a new version of Carin in November at Medica, the world’s largest healthcare trade fair.  The new Carin will reveal improvements on several levels.   Based on user feedback the company has added more product features to enhance the user experience and allow women to more readily realize the benefits of their pelvic floor training.  Carin’s hardware has also received a makeover making it the first health care wearable on earth that you do not have to recharge.  Carin lasts for 2 years with a single, tiny primary battery!

There is still more exciting news to come, according to Pop. “We are closing large global partnerships to have an impact on women’s lives to make a solution available for the millions of women who have kept this a secret for many years.”

Women’s health technology is booming and is currently rated a $200 billion market. Investors are catching on to the importance of catering to half of the population’s health needs. Other femtech companies have previously closed highly successful investment rounds.  The fertility app “Clue” garnered $20 million in funding and the Kegel exerciser “Elvie”, $6 million. With the recent $3 million boost, LifeSense Group will continue to empower women all over the globe to take control of their own health and bodies.

About Carin

Carin is developed with the purpose of helping everyday women manage bladder control issues. Carin empowers women to take control of their bodies and health without sacrificing style and comfort.

About LifeSense Group

Innovation plays a crucial role in our wellbeing. LifeSense Group is a technology development company that cultivates applications for medical, health and wellbeing. With our patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies and mobile applications we make innovations reality.

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