Finding the rhythm to make my dream come true

The rhythm of my steps, the morning sun on my face, my breath in tune with the rhythm of my steps. The overall feeling of endless movement. Just run. Freedom, exercise and relaxation at the same time. 

I am sitting on my bed thinking about this great feeling of doing a run. But reality wakes me up: If I ever want to run again, I have to go back to the basics. In my case, I have to concentrate on continuing the core stability exercises before I can even try to start running again. As you have read before, after a rough start in the beginning of the year, I finally found a routine to do my core stability exercises. But now I experience the fragility of an exercise routine: everything changes if your health is not cooperating.

How the sofa always wins..

For almost a week, I was sick in bed. This means more work waiting for me to get done, and no energy left for doing my exercises. Until the moment I was able to get back to work, more work was added to my to-do-list. My desire is to get control over my body by doing these exercises. But guess what, the thing dropping further down on my list of priorities: yes, the exercises.

Despite all the voices in my head pushing me the seven minutes was nothing, the sofa won every time. I envy people who are really that strong to go back to their sports routine! Or are there more people like me on this world?

Finding a moment in between things

Luckily I have a job that is taking me to training camps with the team of coaches. One of the coaches with whom I share a hotel room, is also excited to do the exercises together. When we arrive in our hotel, we talk about ‘finding a moment’ in between activities to do the exercises. But as two days have passed, we conclude that ‘finding a moment’ simply doesn’t work. Our days are cramped with other activities.

What to do now? We decided to get up fifteen moments in the morning before breakfast to do the exercises. We are proud of ourselves and during the day we congratulate the other on the performance in the morning.

Keep on dreaming…

As I am spending more days here on the training camp in which every morning we dutifully do our exercises, I see some challenges ahead in continuing this routine in the period between the next training camp. Meanwhile I am dreaming about running in the sun with wings under my shoes, and a fresh breeze in my hair…

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