Carin Wear Summer Challenge

Join the Carin Summer Challenge to stay fit this summer!

Here is Natasja’s summer challenge based on her training for Mom in Balance. Use these exercises next to your Carin Exercise routine and stay fit this summer! 
We asked Natasja if she could give us some advice on staying fit for the holiday.
Yes! Summer has started! For most of us it’s almost time for the summer break: and do we need that?! A frequently asked question at this time of the year I get is: “Do you exercise during your holiday and if so, what does your workout look like?  The answer to this question is easy: Yes, I do exercise during my holiday, but of course not as much as I do at home. It still is summer holiday of course ;-).

To motivate you for this workout during your holiday, I want to challenge you with my special summer workout. For the participants of Mom in Balance Eindhoven we have created the “summer challenge”. It’s designed for expecting and new moms and focuses on your core strength (really good for those pelvic floor muscles).
So, what does this summer challenge look like?

The basics

To be honest, if I have access to a gym during my holiday, I will certainly use the gym. It takes a lot of discipline because I set the alarm clock really early, so I can workout before my family wakes up. This way  we can have breakfast together and enjoy our holiday. But I can totally imagine this is not what you want during your well-deserved holiday (setting an alarm clock during holiday? No way!).

When I don’t have access to a gym (which most of the time is the case) I use a simple, but very efficient workout based on the Tabata-method. You can do this everywhere at anytime. What do you need: a timer (every phone has one nowadays) and your body weight. Is it really that simple? Yes it is. This is what you need to do:

#1 Choose a number of exercises

For example a mix of squats, burpees, jump lunges and push ups like I did in my video.

giphy (12) giphy (11) giphy (13) giphy (14)

#2 Define your exercise cycle

Workout as following: 20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds rest; 20 seconds of burpees, 10 seconds rest; 20 seconds of jump lunges, 10 seconds rest; 20 seconds of push ups, 10 seconds rest. This is one cycle.

#3 Repeat the cycle four times

After this cycle you do the same cycle again until you’ve done a total of four cycles, than you have a very efficient workout in less than 10 minutes! Goal of this workout is to make as many repetitions in each 20 seconds of an exercise. Of course you can do this with all exercises possible (butt kicks, jumping jacks, jump squats).

#4 Set your goal

Set a goal for yourself. How many repetitions do I want to do eventually per exercise (for example: start with 2-5 reps per exercise and next time you will try to ad 2-5 reps to each exercise). Keep track of your score each time you workout. Trust me, you will notice progression.

Shall we even make it more interesting? Are you up for this summer challenge?Post your workouts (even when you’re not on holiday) at Facebook and/or Instagram and tag me (@nbeks) and Carin (@Carinwear), so I can track your progress. I am really looking forward to your workout posts!

Click here to watch Natasja’s exercise video. Or click on the image below!

Natasja video

Be happy, be you, be inspired! Have no excuses.
Signing off,
Natasja, Fit Mom.

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Natasja Beks-Kartodimedjo (35) is living with her husband and lovely daughter in Eindhoven. Besides being a mom and wife she is a full-time owner of a successful business, fitness instructor and outdoor trainer.

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