How it works

How to use Carin

Carin helps you to establish a 7-week workout routine to reduce and eliminate urine loss. In this period you follow two routines:

  1. Weekly routine: Measure
  2. Daily routine: Exercise

*Download the Carin Quick Start guide here

Weekly routine

Schedule one ‘measuring day’ per week. On this day you wear the underwear with the sensor snapped in. It senses your body movements and tracks the leakage while the underwear keeps you protected. You can change the underwear as often you like. Make sure before changing you take out the sensor and snap it back into the base.

After completing two measuring days, an intelligent algorithm calculates your progress in the app. The app shows the impact of exercise by counting the reduction of leaks, which in turn motivates you to realize the benefits of pelvic floor training!

Daily routine

The Carin app provides you with a weekly plan of video exercises ready for you to do 10 minutes per day. Carin also sends you notifications in the app to remind you of the exercises.

Results: Within only 4 weeks 80% of women see progress between 20% to 100%.

*Download the Carin Quick Start guide here