How it works

How to use Carin – Check our video below

1. Snap the tracker on the underwear

The combination of the Carin wearable technology and exercise program makes it a perfect fit to achieve pelvic floor strength in any busy lifestyle. Simply snap the tracker on the underwear. Our beautiful smart underwear manages leaks with the absorbing power of a large tampon. Just think, no more embarrassing leaks!

How it works - Snap


2. Exercise 

Our personal pelvic floor exercises offer quick results. After 4-6 weeks of 10 minutes per day following the Carin program you will experience increased strength and control in your pelvic floor muscles. By watching our coaches demonstrate the pelvic floor exercises on your mobile phone or tablet, you can exercise your muscles anytime and everywhere.

Carin Exercise app

Carin Exercise app

3. View your progress

With Carin, there is nothing to insert and no mess to clean up. Instead our wearable technology tracks your progress by showing urine loss data. Wear the tracker when you play tennis or go for a run. You see your improvements real time!

Carin Measure - Wearable sensor to track progress

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