How it works

How does Carin work?

While comfortably and discreetly managing urine leaks, Carin also helps you establish a daily pelvic floor exercise routine over the course of seven weeks.  The program works with two essential elements: Weekly Measurement & Daily Exercise.

Weekly Measurement: Schedule one ‘measuring day’ per week.  On this day, wear the underwear with the sensor snapped in for 24 hours.  While the smart underwear manages and conceals any leaks that occur, the sensor will track your body’s movements and gather data on the moisture that collects.  These measurements will be recorded by the app on your tablet or smartphone through a Bluetooth connection, providing a baseline for future measurements.  After the second week, the app will calculate your progress.  This calculation shows the impact of the exercises by measuring the reduction of leaks and providing further motivation to continue to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Daily Exercise: The Carin app provides a series of short exercise videos organized by week and specially designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and eliminate urine leaks.  The app also offers notifications to remind you to exercise on a daily basis.  By exercising for only 10 minutes per day, results can be seen in a matter of weeks. Within only 4 weeks 80% of women see progress from 20% to 100%!

For more detailed information on using Carin, please download the Quick Start guide here.