How to find the right underwear fit

We all know a new pair of shoes, a great haircut or a shiny top can make us feel like a million dollars. When you look good you tend to feel good. However, there is one aspect of self-care that tends to be overlooked – wearing the right underwear. In 2005, Oprah Winfrey hosted a “bra intervention,” claiming that 85 percent of women were wearing the wrong size bra.

If it fits and is clean, it’s all good. Right?

Let’s face it. Many women neglect their underwear. If it fits and is clean, who cares that your bra strap is a mass of threads or your previously white underwear is a shade of gray? It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s an easy fix, but it’s important to work with someone who knows what they are doing. A good sales associate will first measure under your breast and then fit for cup size. “It’s important to try on many bras,” says Nadine De Gradder of Lingerie Altesse, an upscale lingerie store in Turnhout, Belgium.

Wonders for your appearance

“We must make sure the wire doesn’t cut into the breast and the band isn’t too tight or too loose.” The bra will loosen over time so make sure it fits tightly when it’s fastened on the first hook. “The cup must fit the whole breast,” she says. If there’s a major gap, then the cup is too big. If your breast spills out the sides and/or top, it’s too shallow. Finding the right bra takes time, but it does wonders for your appearance by improving your posture, reducing back pain and preventing straps from either digging in your shoulders or slipping from them.

Finding the right underwear

Finding the right underwear is just as important. “However, underwear tends to be more personal,” admits De Gradder. “I can make suggestions, but each woman has her own idea of what feels right to her.” Though she finds most women still tend to prefer cotton, she encourages them to try underwear made from microfibers. “Cotton is not the best even though many women still believe it to be. Once it’s wet it stays wet,” which is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy.

Microfiber vs. Cotton

“A warm environment is the perfect place for yeast to grow, “ says Donnica Moore, M.D., a women’s health expert, in an article featured in the Huffington Post. “All of these problems are compounded if you have incontinence to any degree – even a drop or two.” That’s where Carin can help. Made from microfiber, Carin products dry very quickly for maximum comfort. The ultra-absorbent underwear is made to improve women’s confidence by allowing them to avoid bulky pads and still wear pretty underwear that makes them feel good about their body. It is easy to find the right fit. Just head to the description section where it allows you to find your perfect measurement based on waist and hips sizes or standard EU sizes.

Do something about incontinence rather than just watch it get worse

“Carin helps women feel confident with their bodies” says Julia van Zanten, Carin co-founder. “It empowers women by giving them information about their body and allowing them to do something about incontinence rather than just watch it get worse.” Too many women choose undergarments because the price may be right or they are pretty. It’s important to take time, trying on many styles and, ideally, working with a knowledgeable sales person who can help you find just the right size for your body.