Why we should all be doing pelvic floor exercises

In my last blog I wrote about my experience of testing Carin during my holidays. The response to this blog was overwhelming! The most frequently asked question was: do you believe in pelvic floor training?

You might not always be aware of urine loss. At least, I used to think my pelvic floor muscles work perfectly. Sure, this is the case for 99% of the time, until the moment my 9-year old daughter asks me to jump with her on the trampoline. And what do you think happens? I get (minimal) urine loss. Does this mean I suffer from incontinence? No, but it was a sign for me to be more aware of my pelvic floor muscles.

Laughing, sneezing, jumping…

Do I believe in pelvic floor exercise? First I always try to figure out what type of incontinence we are talking about. There are different types of incontinence. The most common type of incontinence is stress incontinence, it’s what happens when you jump on the trampoline with your 9-year old daughter. Urine escapes the bladder during pressure and stress moments (for example: running, laughing, sneezing, coughing etc.). Women who have children or go through their menopause are the largest group with this type. But don’t be fooled, this type can also happen in men.

Pelvic floor muscles are also muscles!

Can pelvic floor exercises help you with bladder control issues? Yes! I always prefer to talk about strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with exercises, just like all your other muscles. So my answer is: Yes, you can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with short simple exercises to regain control of your bladder.
And the good news is, you don’t have to spend an hour per day on these exercises. A couple of minutes per day is already enough to notice positive results (of course, this depends on how severe your incontinence is). So don’t spend hours doing pelvic floor muscles exercises. With only a couple of minutes per day you already become aware of your pelvic floor muscles and how to be more in control of your bladder.

In my case Carin helped me with my little trampoline accident. With doing the exercises on the Carin app I became more aware of my pelvic floor muscles. I also know now what exercises to do to control and strengthen my pelvic floor. All I needed to do was just start doing them…
Be happy, be you, be inspired! Have no excuses.
Signing off,
Natasja, Fit Mom.

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Natasja Beks-Kartodimedjo (35) is living with her husband and lovely daughter in Eindhoven. Besides being a mom and wife she is a full-time owner of a successful business, fitness instructor and outdoor trainer.


  1. Pelvic floor exercises are good for older women. It keeps the PC muscles strong and every woman feels comfortable.

  2. Lisa Murray

    Hi ,

    Great post! Kegel will help improve your life as a woman dramatically by helping you reduce leakage. Performing these exercises regularly, you’ll notice a positive change when it comes to laughing, running or exercising, sneezing, or all those little movements that cause you to pee uncontrollably.

    It’s time to stop feeling embarrassed or unclean; it’s time to build these pelvic floor muscles and feel young again.

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