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New year resolutions, how does it work?

Kirsten van der Kolk Olympic gold medalist

Kirsten van der Kolk, power woman, mother of two and former Olympic Gold rowing champion kicks off 2016 with new year resolutions. In this blog post, Kirsten shares with us her experiences of transforming new resolutions into healthy habits. Do athletes need to set healthy resolutions? For sure! And they also enjoy nibbling on a piece of chocolate.. With the new year, new intentions are set. The goals of setting a new resolution is to create healthy…

Carin: Where design meets tech

Carin Exercise - Pelvic floor exercise training

Carin was presented in the press. This time by the Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep Brabant and High Tech Campus as the example where ‘design meets tech’. Carin is an example of a wearable technology solution for a common women’s health problem. Wearing Carin means women with urine loss feel more confident in their bodies: “The technology supports women with urine loss to work on their health. The design gives women the power to feel confident and…

Kate Winslet talks urine loss on British TV

Kate Winslet talks about incontinence

Kate Winslet reveals incontinence in British TV show By Kirsten van der Kolk Last week actress Kate Winslet hit the nail on the head: stress urinary incontinence is a taboo. Whilst on a British talk show she confessed that she regularly pees her pants whilst sneezing or during sports. Just like LSG, I too completely agree this taboo must be broken. For social designer Julia van Zanten this topic (incontinence)…