Carin has some exciting news!

Rising to the top of a field of over 400 entries from more than 60 countries around the world, on February 7, 2017, Carin was named the Winner for Health and Wellness at the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup in Munich!

Carin is showing the world  that women matter in so many ways.  As we bear witness to the recent marches for women around the globe, the message is clear: Now is the time for women!
In numbers and in strength, women all over the world are showing their power more than ever before.  Carin in turn is fueling the revolution by empowering women at the most basic and essential level. It’s stimulating confidence while improving health and wellness.

This triumph of recognition as the best wearable technology reinforces that Carin  is not just another gadget or meaningless app: It is innovation that makes sense and has a purpose.  Carin is making a difference in the lives of women and their families all over the world through innovative technology with an intuitive approach.

Carin Cares

Possessing the power to create and nurture life, the strength of a woman’s body casts influence well beyond her skin. Carin recognizes that women are not the only ones impacted by urinary incontinence and its effects.  Strengthening pelvic floor muscles and inhibiting unwanted urine loss impacts every aspect of life, from sex and marriage to health and happiness.  Carin produces innovation that matters, not only to women but to everyone around them.

The Future of Carin

The story of Carin began with a purpose; a desire to help women suffering the damaging effects of unwanted urine loss.  The journey has been challenging and inspirational.  We are living in an age of transformation and renewal.  There is no better time to embrace change and empower the innovators.  Carin will continue to support and encourage women and men by advancing life-changing technology for everyone, everywhere.

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