Recovering after pregnancy: The 40 ‘sacred’ days after childbirth

Recovering after pregnancy: If you’ve recently had a baby or know someone who has, you’ll know how life turns upside down. Your days become nights and you don’t know what day of the week it is, but when you hold this little delicate being that you’ve created nothing else seems to matter?
But that’s not true- you matter too!  Read four important tips from Carmen, the Pregnant Chef for the first 40 sacred days of recovery after childbirth.  Read More

How to be a fitter and healthier mom

First of all, thank you for reading my previous blog  ‘Four golden rules for fit moms’ and for the positive responses! I am excited to announce to blog for Carin on regular basis (oh yeah!)! So THANK YOU! This blog post will be about getting back in shape after pregnancy and how this inspired me to work out the way I do now. Read More

How I was reminded of my pelvic floor

During a recent holiday hike in Wales, I slipped in the mud. My daughter was so kind not to laugh out loud in the moment, but since we have returned home she likes to make funny jokes about it. At that moment I didn’t mind to be covered in the mud so much, but more by the trickle on my clothing caused by the fall. The day just started and I didn’t have any dry clothes with me. So I wiped the mud from my clothing and embarassingly bunched some paper in my underwear. Read More

Some truths about the pelvic floor: Kirsten asks an expert

Many of us who have gone through pregnancy and child birth recognize the term ‘pelvic floor muscles’. During and after pregnancy we are advised to do pelvic floor training. Still many women after pregnancy experience issues with the pelvic floor. Trust me, I speak from experience. 

Starting a conversation
There is a lack of conversations about this area. Read More

Spring cleaning for mind and body

Carmen van Zanten midwife and naturopath

Carmen lives in London and is a practising naturopath and midwife in a busy London hospital. She has her own blog

Carmen, a practising naturopath and midwife in a busy London hospital, shares her knowledge in nutrition, natural health and midwifery. She is passionate about women’s health and has even started her own nutrition and recipe blog for pregnancy. She’s here to reveal how to stay fit and healthy post pregnancy through to our golden years! Read More

Four golden rules for fit moms

Outdoor training mom in balance

Natasja Beks-Kartodimedjo (35) is living with her husband and lovely daughter in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She is a succesful business women with her company Efficere. Natasja is also fitness instructor (Les Mills Body Pump and Body Steps) and outdoor trainer for Mom in Balance. Let Natasja inspire you with her four golden rules for fit moms. Read More

Our pledge for International Women’s Day

ladies run

Empowering women to lead active lives after pregnancy
For 1 in 3 women after pregnancy, the running shoes remain in the closet. Plans to exercise are put on hold. This is a pity because pelvic floor training helps women to get in shape and back into their sport routine. Our pledge for International Women’s Day is to empower women and live active, satisfying lives after pregnancy. Read More

Shared complaining, sweaty faces: how working out together gets you going

Kirsten van der Kolk is a power woman, mother of two and former Olympic Gold rowing champion. Previously she wrote about kicking off the year with the goal to start exercising more. Read about her experiences below.

After a short intermezzo spent back home in a windy and wet Holland, I am back in Spain again: the land where all good resolutions are transformed into healthy habits. In the fuss of everyday life -taking care of the kids and doing work- I noticed the difficulties of actually doing my exercises. I couldn’t find the proper time or place for doing them. Finding a routine is even harder. Read More