How to find the right underwear fit

We all know a new pair of shoes, a great haircut or a shiny top can make us feel like a million dollars. When you look good you tend to feel good. However, there is one aspect of self-care that tends to be overlooked – wearing the right underwear. In 2005, Oprah Winfrey hosted a “bra intervention,” claiming that 85 percent of women were wearing the wrong size bra.

If it fits and is clean, it’s all good. Right?

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The six most common menopause symptoms you need to expect

menopause symptoms

Last week I woke early in the morning to make breakfast. It’s usually my favorite time of the day, especially when everyone else is still asleep. I can listen to my favorite 80s music on the radio while I whip up pancakes or cinnamon rolls. This particular morning the skies were cloudy and the house was cool and quiet. Then the teakettle whistled and this irrational anger began to flow through me. My thoughts turned dark. Why do they get to sleep in while I have to make everyone breakfast? When is it my time to relax? Then the sweating began. Within 20 seconds I was drenched. I ran outside to cool down. Sitting in the terrace, close to tears, I was unsure where all this was coming from. Read More

Urine loss is normal, right?

1 in 4 women have stress incontinence

Urine loss. It is something we most often associate with our grandparents or even great-grandparents, but not with the woman on the next mat in yoga class.  The truth is however, that your flexible neighbor doing downward dog is likely to be one of the 1 in 4 women who deal with stress incontinence on a daily basis.  If she has given birth to a child her likelihood just went up.  It is a problem many of us share, but few of us talk about. Read More

Re-designing our everyday

As co-founder and creative lead behind Carin, Julia (30) shares her enthusiasm for the potential impact of using design within healthcare and technology. This topic she began exploring during her Social Design MA at Design Academy Eindhoven with her project ‘Just Another Garment’. The concept of protective underwear has translated into Carin. Here is her interesting journey of bringing design and technology together to improve the lives of women. Read More

Harness the Power of the Pelvic Floor

Harnessing the power of the pelvic floor is easier than you expect. Do you ever have one of those “uh oh” moments, when you wish you could just crawl under a rock and hide?  Sometimes an unexpected sneeze can do it, a longer than anticipated car ride, or maybe a hilarious comment you didn’t see coming? You can feel your abdomen clutch as something inside you releases.  Your instinct tells you to run to the nearest bathroom, but it may be just too late. This awkward moment may be courtesy of weakened pelvic floor muscles.  It can happen to the best of us, but especially after having kids.  Another one of those things no one ever tells you! You can change this by strengthening the pelvic floor. Hint: it only takes 10 minutes of training per day. Get inspiration from the exercises we included in this blog post. Read More