Author: kirsten van der kolk

Kirsten van der Kolk is a power woman, mother of two sweet daughters, Olympic coach and former Olympic Gold rowing champion. She currently exercises her pelvic floor muscles with Carin. Each month she updates us about her progress.

Some truths about the pelvic floor: Kirsten asks an expert

Many of us who have gone through pregnancy and child birth recognize the term ‘pelvic floor muscles’. During and after pregnancy we are advised to do pelvic floor training. Still many women after pregnancy experience issues with the pelvic floor. Trust me, I speak from experience.  Starting a conversation There is a lack of conversations about this area.

Shared complaining, sweaty faces: how working out together gets you going

Kirsten van der Kolk is a power woman, mother of two and former Olympic Gold rowing champion. Previously she wrote about kicking off the year with the goal to start exercising more. Read about her experiences below. After a short intermezzo spent back home in a windy and wet Holland, I am back in Spain again: the land where all good resolutions are transformed into healthy habits. In the fuss of everyday life -taking care of…

New year resolutions, how does it work?

Kirsten van der Kolk Olympic gold medalist

Kirsten van der Kolk, power woman, mother of two and former Olympic Gold rowing champion kicks off 2016 with new year resolutions. In this blog post, Kirsten shares with us her experiences of transforming new resolutions into healthy habits. Do athletes need to set healthy resolutions? For sure! And they also enjoy nibbling on a piece of chocolate.. With the new year, new intentions are set. The goals of setting a new resolution is to create healthy…