Are you interested in joining the Carin 2018 Test Panel?

Do you want to try out Carin for free?

Carin is a totally safe product to use because it is a CE & FDA medically graded product. To have a product certified means you need to do a lot of clinical testing. However, we want to know more about Carin such as how it is used in daily life and also outside the clinical setting. By testing Carin in daily life situations gives us new insights in how Carin is used and how to improve the product.

Basically we are looking to get feedback from the market. For this we are always looking for test users to use Carin in daily life and are willing to share their experiences with us. Do you want to get a Carin for free and try it out? We warmly welcome you in our Carin test panel! You are invited to have a look at the profile below and welcome to apply!

Your profile

  • You regularly experience urine loss during certain activities when doing sports or moments like coughing, sneezing i.e. stress incontinence.
  • Women of all ages are welcome
  • You are physically healthy
  • It is fine for you to share the data of your training progress with us on a bi-weekly basis (we handle your data confidential)
  • Fill in short evaluation forms every two weeks
  • And you make us extra happy if you want to tell your friends about your experience of using Carin!

What you receive from us:

  • Two Carin Protect underwear (in the sizes S – 5XL)
  • One Carin Measure sensor
  • Unlimited access to the Carin Exercise app
  • Free support and coaching from one of our team members
  • Carin Ambassador membership and opportunities to write for our blog

How to apply?

Apply via this form. We contact you once we have a set ready for you to test!